Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinner Plans

I'm trying to put together a gourmet meal for my friends who are coming over tomorrow. I considered making rabbit but thought it was not quite appropriate for Easter. But I am tempted. Anyway, here is the menu I have come up with. I'll try to update with pictures as I go along but I may be awfully busy.

Atipasto Platter: a variety of artisan cheeses and charcuterie with homemade olive bread, crackers and other small bites. I will add some boiled quail eggs in honor of Easter.

Scallops with saffron cream sauce: These will be toped with a bit of masago fish roe.

Black sesame crusted tuna: This will be seared rare, served on top of a mango plank and garnished with edamame, pickled green mango cubes and some crushed wasabi peas.

Rhubarb sorbet

Lamb ravioli with a rosemary cream sauce: The filling will be made with ground lamb and parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Tenderloin Filet with shitake red wine reduction: Served on top of a pan-fried polenta round, the tenderloin will be seared and served with a reduction of red wine, beef stock and shitake mushrooms. This will be garnished with asparagus spears.

Chipotle chocolate panna cotta with cinnamon whipped cream


Ben Hardy said...

Good luck on losing that 65 pounds! Your blog is food porn - it all looks absolutely fantastic.

Marigene said...

Greg, forget the rabbit, that sounds like a fabulous feast! I love chocolate with chiles, such a great combination.

Suzy said...

Well you have the lamby why not go out all out and kill the bunny too. Just kidding! You had a great menu without the rabbit. I'm sure your guests loved it. My grandfather actually raised rabbits with the sole purpose of eating them. It does kind of make me cringe when I think about them. But hey...cajuns put just about anything in a gumbo!