Thursday, November 29, 2007

TD6 - Curried Turkey Salad

Yes it is day six of turkey leftovers. Let's see. On day 1 I had just turkey leftovers. Day 2 featured turkey soup. Day 3 had more of the turkey soup. Day 4 was when I made those turkey carnitas. Day 5 was a grilled turkey melt sandwich. Today we feature a turkey salad. Not any ordinary turkey salad, but one flavored with curry powder. This is my favorite way to enjoy turkey salad. I mixed it up with some carrots, green apples, walnuts, dried cranberries and mayonnaise. This was flavored with a good dose of Madras curry powder, salt and pepper. Plopped onto a bed of romaine lettuce.

I don't usually cook desserts but I was inspired by Giada who made a simple elegant cookie. She spread out a sugar cookie dough in a pan and baked it just until lightly golden brown. She topped it with some orange marmalade, chopped hazelnuts and almonds, and then drizzled it with chocolate. I set out to copy this but all I had on hand was some citron marmalade. It filled in nicely for the orange. I also added pecans to the nut mix. Mine didn't come out nearly as pretty as Giada's. My chocolate simply refused to drizzle so I just slathered it on top with a spoon.

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