Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Betty and Me

We have a very old relationship going back at least 30 years. This belonged to my mother. She became ill with MS when I was quite young so the holiday cookie baking fell upon my shoulders. With Mom's guidance and Betty to tell what to do I was able to put together quite an array of holiday treats. Mom is gone but Betty remains in my kitchen to help me along.

I have had requests for Betty's Cranberry Drop Cookies. They are so easy peasy to make that even a child can do it! Here's the well worn page that still keeps me on track year after year. As I mentioned in the previous entry below, I don't have my mother's 'Chef Moule' hand cranked grater that I always used to perfectly chop the cranberries. The food processor worked but it just isn't quite the same. If you can't read the recipe just click on the picture for a larger version.


Christine said...

Oh my goodness! I grew up on the Betty Crocker Cooky Book! It was such a staple in our home that my Mom scoured the internet to get versions of the "old" one for us one year on Christmas. Now we all have one. I have never tried the Cranberry Drops but now I'll have to!

Greg said...

Yes, you must! My other favorite out of here is the pineapple raisin cookies on page 9.