Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dinner to Decorate By

Last evening we finally got around to decorating our holiday tree so dinner was pretty quick and easy. A simple burger made very flavorful was on the menu last evening. It was served with a butternut squash soup and an acidic red wine from Michigan. Sweet maple syrup was the theme. The meat was seasoned with some maple syrup as well as salt and pepper. This was topped with melted cheddar cheese served on a whole wheat bun with mayonnaise (Helman's, please) and dijon mustard.

The soup started with an oven roasted butternut squash. The sweet flesh was added to a pot of sautéed onions and garlic. About 6 cups of chicken stock was added and it was flavored with some maple syrup.

After this had simmered for a little bit a splash of heavy cream was added and it was all whirled up together. Slightly sweet with just a dusting of fresh grated nutmeg to complement the maple.

Some of our decorations - ceramic doves placed over the lights glow nicely while perched on the branches. A crystal holly and angels also can be found along with many other eclectic pieces from our past.

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missbliss said...

Goodness me that cheese is very yellow!

Hopefully I'll put up a butternut squash recipe soon (providing it goes to plan - it wasa recipe I picked up in the Solomon Islands so I just had to watch and guess the quantitites)

I'll be trying a few of your recipes soon, I love Thai, Vietnamese and Eastern food and flavours.