Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tasty Little Ears

Ok, ok. I know the title of this post is scary. Especially after my post about chicken feet which probably has you really worried that I am now cooking up pig ears or something. Don't worry! I promise you'll like this. I'm talking about the little ear shaped pasta known as orechiette. I've made them for the first time and they turned out pretty good. I threw together some pasta dough using flour, water, salt and egg. This was cut into small pieces and then pressed with my thumb in the palm of my hand to shape the dough into little ears. They are thicker than your typical orrechiette but I like my pasta thick and chewy.

Most orechiette recipes you see are made with broccoli rabe. I made mine with chicken and spinach. It had lots of garlic, of course. A splash of cream and some parmigiano reggiano and that's all you need for a wholesome, delicious, filling meal.


Astra Libris said...

Your pasta "ears" are gorgeous! Yep, I did automatically jump to pigs ears as soon as I read the title... but that's probably because I live in the south as well as because of your brave chicken feet... :-) I love the title, though, and I absolutely love that you make your own pasta! Very, very impressive!

Anonymous said...

have you tried Abacus Beads? (in Mandarin its called Suan Pan Zi) its made of yam, also shaped like little 'ears' with a dent center. its a Hakka delight.
there's a recipe i found:

happy cooking!

Anonymous said...

Greg said...

Astra, pasta is really not hard to make at all.

Anonymous, thanks for the links. That looks really tasty. I'll have to look for yam flour.