Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A keiseki nabe dinner in Tokyo, and more

Nabe (or nabemoto) is the Japanese name for any of the hot pot dishes where all the ingredients are cooked in one vessel and shared at the table. I want to share a nabe dinner that I recently had in tokyo on Friday with my hosts from the Tokyo Science University. After dinner my friend Hayashi san took me to a "working man's" soba shop where we had a few interesting dishes and a drink.

This was a nice evening of food starting with some appetizers, as usual. On this plate is some octopus, a piece of tempura, walnuts, some kind of pate like fish cake and some chicken. It was served with some pickled vegetables as well.

Next came the sashimi. This fish was extraordinarly fresh and tasty!

They also served another piece of cooked fish as a course.

This was kind of a pudding or custard and I'm not sure what it was made of. It was tasty.

Here is the nabe pot! You can see lots of vegetables, some seafood and quail eggs. On the bottom are noodles.

My hosts - Prof. Hayashi on the right and Prof. Soai to the left of me.

After dinner Hayashi san and I walked around for a little bit. As if I didn't get enough food for dinner, he took me into a local soba shop where working men gather after work on Fridays to drink and eat. We had a few bites of special food. Here is some fried squid. Very good.

We also had some cooked pig stomach. I know it sounds bad, but it was really good! Not tough at all. It was tender and really tasty. Topped with some red chili pepper it was even better.

This is an interesting soba shop. We drank shoju which is a kind of a distilled rice liqour. The way you prepare it is most interesting. At the table is a kettle of water used to cook the soba in the shop, so it has many of the buckwheat nutrients and starches. You pour this hot water into the glass with the shoju. We also crushed some salty pickled plum into the drink. Unusual and delicious.

Me and Hayashi san.

And our server! :)


Kari said...

Wow, the food is beautiful. I can't wait to go to Japan some day. I'm really enjoying the photographs. Keep them coming.

Scott said...

I now want to go back to Japan for some of that fried squid you ate, looks wonderful!

I'm also thinking that photo of you and the three Japanese men could make for a fun caption contest!