Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More nabe in Kyoto

Near to Kyoto University on a narrow dark out of the way street sits a wonderful little soba-nabe restaurant called Kawamichiya. I had dinner there with my hosts from KU on Monday evening. The restaurant is actually located next to the house of the president of Nintendo. I think my son would be more impressed with that! The entrance through this gate leads to a small Japanese garden and to the door of a 130 year old building. Dining is done in small cozy individual rooms.

Of course we had nabe at this restuarant. You an see my friend, Prof. Tomioka watching as the server fills the pot with chicken, fish cakes and vegetables.

Bubble, bubble, I think it's ready to eat.

This nabe did not have the noodles in the pot in the beginning. After we ate everything out of the pot we then cooked the soba and udon noodles in the flavorful broth.

From left to right, Prof. Ohno, me, Prof. Takemoto and Prof. Tomioka.

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