Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Minute Cake

The other night we were finishing dinner and my 11-year old son said he wanted to make us dessert. He is taking FACS in school now. Of course everything has a new fancy name. When I was in school it was called Home Economics. FACS stands for Family and Consumer Science. He has been learning a bit about cooking in FACS and I hope it helps him expand his palate. Anway, he ran to the computer to look up quick desserts and stumbled across a 1 minute cake recipe on It has no eggs but combines flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa, oil, milk and vanilla to make a quick batter. The batter was poured into a greased coffee cup and cooked for one minute on high in the microwave. The texture was a bit chewy and not cake-like at all but it certainly tasted ok. I added some walnuts to my batter before he cooked it. I helped him plate them up and served the warm chocolate goodness with some vanilla ice cream.

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