Thursday, January 14, 2010

Potato Jalapeño Poppers

Admit it. You love those fried jalapeño poppers you get at your local sports bar battered, fried and oozing with cheese. I didn't make those for New Year's Eve. Instead I created a potato bite spiced with jalapeño peppers. I made a dipping sauce with some yogurt, mayo and a splash of sriracha chili sauce.

How did I make them? Well, it all started with six large potatoes. I used yukon gold potatoes and boiled them just until fork tender. I didn't want them too soft. I let them cool and then passed them through my ricer. These went into the fridge to be well chilled. When it came time to make the poppers I mixed in some finely diced jalapeño peppers, salt, pepper, a couple of beaten eggs and a couple tablespoons of flour. The mixture was rolled into 1 inch balls, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried in hot oil (375 F) until golden brown.


Amy said...

we have appetizer night at my house kinda ofter maybe twice a month maybe even more and these are perfect for using up left over potatoes from the holidays that you got stuck with and are just sick of seeing potatoes lol this will definitely be my go to get rid of mashed potatoes recipe =)

Anonymous said...

How many eggs would be good to use ?