Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Capitol Eats

Today I spent on Capitol Hill. Yes, I'm in Washington, DC this week. Hence the slowdown in my cooking posts. My wonderful Congressman Pomeroy's office arranged for special tours of the Capitol and the spectacularly beautiful Library of Congress for us. It was a great day. The photo shown below was taken from Pomeroy's office window in the Longforth House Office Building. But I digress. This is a blog about food and cooking. For lunch we made our way underground to the maze of tunnels between the office buildings and the Capitol to the cafeteria where the nation's leaders often take a break to dine. I had a really good (and cheap) Asian Beef Wrap. It was chock full of thinly sliced meat, napa cabbage slaw, mangos, roasted red peppers and a ginger dressing. It really hit the spot. Oh, it's a gorgeous sunny and warm day today in DC!

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