Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pizza and high water

Well it has been a tough week of sandbagging in blizzards and watching the mighty Red River of the North rise. But we still have to eat. Saturday we got some good news. The river was starting to go down. We may have reached our crest just under 41 feet which is a foot or two less than they predicted. While many people have already lost so much in the rising waters much of the city of Fargo is holding on by a thread. I had a little time on Saturday to make some pizza. The first is a pesto pizza with summer sausage, olives and asparagus. The second one you see is a pepperoni pizza with asparagus.

This morning I was interviewed by Susan Hendricks from CNN's Headline News about the flooding in Fargo. I posted some of my photos to CNN's iReport and they wanted to talk to me. Here's the video.

I have some new photos of the river and dikes as the river reaches it's crest near 41 feet.


Cynthia said...

Greg, my thoughts and prayers have been with all the people of Fargo and other communities who have been threatened by the flooding.

It's been impressive to see your governor and others take proactive steps. Based on what I've seen from national media sources, the people of North Dakota have definitely shone in these troubling times.

I enjoyed seeing your CNN interview. You're a wonderful role model for your son and others.

Your pizza looks wonderful!

Justine said...

I hope things for get better soon!

Marsha said...

Greg, I too really enjoyed watching your CNN video. You did an excellent job. Everyone in the area really pulled together to do everything needed...people are really GOOD! Within the last 10 minutes our house rumbled with noise and I looked out to see a national guard helicopter flying northwest. More help is on the way.

Suzy said...

Greg you did a great job explaining the situation there. The couldn't have asked for a more articulate spokesperson. You're photos of the flooding are impressive. Having seen many large flooded rivers before in Louisiana I know what a powerful and scary sight it can be. I do hope the river continues to go down and not up.

SusanQ said...

Still hoping the weather cooperates and the river keeps going down! They picked a good person to interview :)

Lisa B. said...

The pizza looks scrumptious! You and everyone from Fargo are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope things start looking up for the area soon.