Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crazy Concoctions

I've been pretty busy lately. Consequently I haven't had time to cook, or time to shop, or time to do anything. So getting lunch together in the morning has been somewhat of a challenge. With pantry items waning and no time to prepare good food I found myself foraging through the cupboards and fridge for anything to throw together. This leads to some pretty wild combinations. Like this wrap I made for lunch on Friday. I started with the last of a package of tortillas. I had a bit of refried beans in the fridge, so I smeared the tortilla with that. On top of the beans went some crumbled maytag blue cheese and that was topped with some hard salami I picked up from Trader Joe's the last time I was down in The Cities. A few parsley leaves and that made a quick and, well, strange lunch wrap. It was pretty good. Except I forgot to cut the casing off of the salami and it was hard to chew.

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Just Cook It! said...

That looks tasty! I find that sometimes the best meals are borne out of what remains at the bottom of the fridge/cupboard.